CJFI Davao Kids Welcome CJF Japan Volunteers

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Every year, delegates from Children’s Joy Foundation Japan visit the Philippines to spend time with CJFI Philippines’ children beneficiaries. As its longtime partner in implementing the much-needed interventions for the poor and marginalized Filipino children and indigent communities, CJF Japan’s help has truly been instrumental in the success of CJFI Philippines’ programs and initiatives.

Among these programs are the educational and nutritional support CJF Japan provides to these Filipino children.

Last August 31, 2017, the children from the CJFI Davao Center located in Indangan, Davao City once again welcomed the Japan delegates. Indeed, they were all looking forward to receiving their gifts and to see what the delegates have in store for them. But what truly mattered was the knowledge that there are people who care for them and who are looking after their welfare.

Mia, one of the children beneficiaries, expressed her gratitude to the Japan delegates. “Daghang salamat sa inyong pagtabang sa amoa diri mga bata sa CJFI. (Thank you so much for the help you extend to us children here at CJFI).”

Mia is a 12-year old child who was abandoned by her mother when she was merely two years old. She came to the CJFI residential care center a few years back when she was rescued from the streets of Davao City. Growing as a street child, she knew nothing of a family’s love, care, and protection but in the midst of all her experiences, she found hope for a new life with CJFI.